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UV Sterilizer Trolley

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UV Sterilizer Trolley

The UV sterilizer trolley is used in the medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical and food making sectors as well as families and factories, mines, institutions, etc. for air sterilization.

Technical Data of the UV Sterilizer Trolley

Model Technical Data SJ-C-I SJ-B-I SJ-C-II SJ-B-II
Supply Voltage AC220V, 50Hz
Power 70VA 130VA
Lamp Amount 2×30W 4×30W
Timing Range 0-120 min
Ultraviolet Wave 253.7nm
Radiant Intensity ≥90 μw/cm2
Lamp Arm Adjust Angle 90°, 120°, 150°third gear
Transport Dimension 1160×410
Weight 18KG 18KG 24KG 24KG

Our company is a specialized UV sterilizer trolley manufacturer and supplier based in China. We also provide blast drying oven, electric pulse vertical autoclave, stainless steel desktop steam sterilizer, horizontal autoclave, portable sterilizer, and much more.

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